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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Calming Influence

With a second hurricane threatening one of the places we used to live, we're scanning the weather maps for some "calming influence" - an atmospheric condition to tame down the storm called Rita before it hits Texas or Louisiana. Friends still not back home and another one coming.

Life in general is kind of like that too. Time management experts extoll the advantages of making lists and eliminating the unimportant. Life coaches urge us to give up worrying about what we can not change. Others point out, "one person's bad planning is not another person's emergency."

Well, it sounds good in theory. But, here it is - the day before leaving for LavaCon in Hawaii - and, I'm not finished with what I need to get done so that I can feel okay about leaving. Lists won't help - too many items on a list tend to cause racing pulse and dry mounth. And, if clients waited to ask for support - well, it is an emergency for good consultants - guess we'd just better anticipate future requests next time. And, when family or friends need us - well, a week isn't that long, after all. And, as for eliminating the unimportant - that is the hardest part of all. Knowing what is and what isn't. Sigh!!

Calming influence? I think I'll play solitare until I win one. jmh


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