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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Frustration Level - Moderately High

Well, I decided today to take the time to publish posts in this blog daily. It is time I don't have, but something I really want to do. So, I wrote a very nice piece on some work I'm doing for a presentation on virtual collaboration using web-based tools. It was well written, interesting, and demonstrated my penchant for seeing humor in the ironic.

Then, then...I previewed the page - and, at that moment when I was ready to publish, a momentary interruption between my computer and the serve, and - it was gone, gone, gone. A very amateurish result for someone in the business of technical communication for about fifteen years - you guessed it - I hadn't saved the draft - and, it was gone...just like the bad ol' days of early word-processing. Thank heavens it wasn't a great poem.

Well Chosen Words will return soon - particularly if we can figure out how to post while on the road. jmh


Blogger Judith Herr said...

At least I think it's amusing - someone with the nerve to call their business Well Chosen Words (and themselves a renaissance person when they know they are a dilittante) had better have the sense of humor to balance all that hubris.

12:01 PM  

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